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Have you ever wondered if there are easier ways to learn music?

You are not alone. The fact is that most people like music, but it's not easy to learn music. Then, can we at least make the process easier and faster?

We know how to do it. We intergrated Do Re Mi (aka Solfege) into digital instruments. Now, every note you play is clearly identified by Do Re Mi. This makes music learning so much easier and more importantly fun. If this sounds interesting to you, you have come to the right place.

What is Do Re Mi?

If you have never experienced Do Re Mi, here is the famous Do Re Mi song in youtube.

Do Re Mi is such a powerful tool used in Music Education for a long time. Yet, there are some shortcomings. For one thing, you need a teacher. With this technology, you have that teacher right on your side, 24/7.

Not only that, if he talks to you too much, you can make him disapper by a click of a button and re-appear by another click. How cool is that!

Now you know why we are very excited about this technology. By the way, Do Re Mi is also known as Solfege. Some people think that Solfege is for singers or singing. Not true, it's for everyone. It is a powerful tool to train your ears.

Now, we are happy to inform you that DoremiPlus for iPad is available from Apple App Store. If you have an iPad with iOS 8 or later, please check it out. The base functionality is free.

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