Welcome to DoremiPlus™

We are looking for investors interested in changing the way we learn music.

We have come to an important milestone as we have a real product which proves that this technology is now feasible. This technology is multi-fauceted. It is not only related to musical instrument manufacturers and music software developers (Technology Side), but also related to music publishers and music educators (Education Side), all over the world.

You can make a difference and will be rewarded for it. You might wonder how big the market is. We simply say this: Every class room equipped with pianos and digital keyboards, which might include your household If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us at info@doremiplus.com.

Our Business Model:

We license our IP (Intellectual Property) to manufacturers and software developers. We levelage the existing business and create a win-win situation. This reduces risks and makes it possible to bring final products faster.

Additional benefit will be more choices for end users and lower costs.

What's exciting is that this technology involves many businesses around music, creating synergetic environment around the world.

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